Knitting Classes
Whether you are a new knitter, just learning, or a long time experienced knitter, this class is open to it all.  Each person works on their project or choice, and receives help as needed.  Come and enjoy a cup of tea and knitting with friends.

Gentle Yoga
Based on deep breathing, connecting breath with movement in a non-strenuous, slower paced format, either using a mat, chair, or a combination or both. Bolsters, blocks, and straps are often used to assist and increase support in asana practice.
8 Week Yoga Classes $75. or by single class $12.

All Levels Yoga
Incorporating breath with movement as in the gentle class, this class offers a more challenging experience with options to vary the poses to meet the interest of each student with opportunities to either intensify or ease the asana while still integrating body, mind and spirit. Props are available for use in this class as well.
8 Week Yoga Classes $75. or by single class $12.

Yoga Therapy
Private yoga therapy sessions are available for individuals who would like to work on specific health concerns or wellness objectives, or for those looking for an individualized yoga program. We will wok together to create a plan that will support your entire well-being through complete integration of body, mind and spirit.

First session $120.
Following sessions $70.
Group Yoga Therapy Classes
Group sessions may be offered for a specific focus at various times.